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Over It * Cleansing, Calming & Banisher of Negative Energy Manifestation Candle

Over It * Cleansing, Calming & Banisher of Negative Energy Manifestation Candle

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The Over It manifestation candle is infused with herbs such as lemon, rosemary, roses, mug wort, sage, lavender, and chamomile. It is intentionally charged with turquoise, amethyst and aquamarine crystals. Over It is ideal to cleanse the energy surrounding you.

Turquoise manifests communication with wholeness and truth. It is a stone of spiritual expansion. As it powerfully activates the Throat Chakra, Turquoise offers us the ability to express ourselves in wholeness and empower us to overcome shyness. Turquoise is a very wise stone and encourages us to accept our experiences, forgive ourselves and others, and to let go of regret. Turquoise helps us remember the validity and necessity life's cumulative experiences in order to move us on the path toward wholeness.

 Aquamarine gently cleanses, protects, and soothes the Throat and Heart Chakras to enhance clear communication. Aquamarine is a stone of personal empowerment, developed from the alignment with our true selves. This blue stone facilitates understanding in the face of misunderstanding and disagreement. It can aid in clearing stagnant energy and releasing of old patterns, as well as material items that are no longer serving us. Aquamarine helps us to release resentments and vengeful thoughts, move through grief, and cease perpetuating negative patterns in our relationships.

Amethyst calms and soothes the mind, body, and spirit. It assists in the transmission of neural signals through the brain to aid in sleep, disband anxiety, and calm angry temperaments. Amethyst opens the Third Eye to enhance intuition, and balance spiritual knowledge with intellectual reasoning. 

 This product is for manifesting, meditation and to aid in self care. This product do not claim to  heal or cure mental and physical illness. Please consult a medical professional for medical advice, diagnoses and treatment.

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